Founded somewhere between the lush rice fields of Bali and the urban jungle of Berlin in 2014 by a young collective consisting of international male model Andre Hamann and designer duo, surfers and boutique owners Rik and Kim Fiddické, Haze & Glory gained a loyal following for it’s distinctive artisan jewelry.



At Haze & Glory we believe that we are born to chase our dreams and follow our true calling. Haze & Glory is the collective vision of our tribe, no matter if your heart beats for surfing, skateboarding, motorcycles, dancing, traveling, art or design. As long as you are true to your calling you are on the right path. Let’s walk this path together.

Inspired by the beautiful decay of all living things, Haze & Glory products are made from high quality materials that are scratched, sanded, hammered, roughened up and distressed. Haze & Glory artisan jewelry is hand made and often heavily oxidized for a beautiful rugged look.

We love to integrate little reminders - mantras if you wish - into our jewelry objects that shall remind you to stay on track with both eyes strongly fixed on what´s really important. We use solely high quality materials such as 925 Sterling silver and 24 carat gold. Our jewelry is supposed to stay with you forever.

...everything to create a beautiful edgy vintage effect of an old well-worn favourite piece.

HAZE & GLORY Jewellery

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